Our Story

About Us

Lialay is a fashion and accessories brand in Mallorca, US dedicated to helping people look their best and feel good by providing the right accessories to complement their outfits.

We make and sell top-grade jewelries that accentuate your beauty and instill a remarkable level of self-confidence in you.

Lialay was established to help you find expression in your style. We understand that style is a personal statement that you identify with and we exist to provide you options of comfort, beauty, class and a fashion statement that defines you best.

Jewelries are to dressing, more than icing to cake. They are the flavor and the beauty of the cake, all of which help you appreciate the cake better. At Lialay, we help you find flavor in your dressing and add the needed pieces to make your whole appearance more graceful.

Our jewelries are handmade from 925 sterling silver and 925 Rhodium-plated silver. These materials have long-lasting durability and can be worn every day. Beyond crafting spectacular jewelries from silver, we also combine precious stones in our craft to make evergreen masterpieces of art.