Jewelry Care

Taking Care of Your Jewelry

All our products have been treated with a special technique to avoid loss of shine. You can wear them every day and never take them off and they will remain as good the first day, for a long time. Even so it is important to always maintain a minimum care, which will make you keep them so perfect that you will get bored of them and come back to buy more ;)

Avoid contact with creams, perfumes or any product with chemical components that can damage the jewelry. Wearing the jewelry to sleep is not advisable

Do not wear them to take a shower or do physical activities. Also, avoid bathing with them in the sea or in the swimming pool, as salt water and chlorinated water can cause your jewelry to lose some of its shine over time.

Clean your jewelry with warm water and soap, use a toothbrush, are ideal for cleaning them to access corners of difficult access and thus prevent too much dirt can accumulate.

Store your jewelry free from sun exposure, in a dry place and on a flat surface, especially avoid sudden changes in temperature and in silver jewelry contact with wood.

You cans tore your jewelry in the packaging cloth envelope it came in. the envelopes are ideal for retaining the lustrous shine for a long time.

If you have further questions on the care and maintenance of your jewelry, please forward them to and we'll be happy to give you a satisfactory response!


  • Our jewelry pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver and 925 Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver.
  • We discourage the direct use of colognes, perfumes, creams and oils on our pieces.
  • Avoid knocks or rubbing with rough surfaces that may affect the surface of the jewelry.
  • The lesser the incidences of contact with shower, pools or sea, the greater the lifespan of your precious jewelry.

Care Pieces Sterling Silver 925

  • With the passage of time, 925 Sterling Silver can naturally lose its shine and even turn black.

  • To clean your jewelry pieces well, we recommend using a special silver cleaning cloth (this type of product must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions).

  • Tarnishing is completely natural. Be sure to have a silver polishing cloth handy so you can easily restore its shine. When not in use, be sure to store it in a dark, cool place in an airtight packet.